Visuals and Music Created and Produced by Me for an Album I created as my Masters Project in London. My very talented classmate Imran played electric guitar on this.
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Colour Dreams 2015 (Album)

The idea behind the album is based on colours and the emotions each colour can provoke. I wanted to associate songwriting with visual, using sound andcolour. Words that describe colour can create very vivid images and I wanted to play on this for the album. This was used as a base for the structure behind the composition of each song. Kaleidoscope, Watercolour, Blood Red, Acid Green, Monochrome, Holographic, Translucent. Before I composed or wrote any words for each song I described each colour and wrote down what each colour provoked for me and what type of style of music each song should be based on this. The emotions that each colour invokes will be used to structure the composition and production techniques. Methodology for writing and producing the album: Brainstorming what emotions, memories and words that a colour brings to my mind. Under some of the following headlines: Word (The Colour), Mood, Style, Purpose, Poem, Visuals.  
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