Duel Tones (Visuals by Maura McDonnell)

Duel Tones will make its premier at the Seeing Sound Symposium 2016 held in Bath Spa University, UK. 'Seeing Sound is an informal practice-led symposium exploring multimedia work which foregrounds the relationship between sound and image. It explores areas such as visual music, abstract cinema, experimental animation, audiovisual performance and installation practice through paper sessions, screenings, performances and installations.' - SeeingSound   Programme Note: Duel Tones is a work that explores through a visual music collaborative effort, the emergence of synthetic tones and timbres and synthetic forms and motion elements from a ground of blackness and noise.  The visuals were created first and the electroacoustic music composition was composed using the visuals as its structure and a type of synthetic graphic score.    Music composed by Bebhinn McDonnell Visuals composed by Maura McDonnell - Website - Blog     
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Sound Design & Video Trailer for Alice in Wonderland

(Video edited and created with Adobe Premiere Pro and Sound created with Logic Pro in 5.1 Surround Sound & Stereo) We had to create our own trailer from a movie. I choose Alice in Wonderland from 2010, we had to mix this in both stereo and surround, the stereo version is what I am putting online. I used a combination of sounds that I had created for my own sound library, sound libraries I have downloaded online and sounds I have downloaded from I watched the trailer many times and then I wrote down the various foley sounds that I knew I needed to put into the trailer. I tried different musical ideas for the trailer and found that more ambient and long extended sounds would suit best for the mood I wanted to create for the trailer. I wanted to create a short story portraying what the film was about but without giving too much away. I wanted it to seem dark and create a sense of wonder. The film itself has its dark elements but it is quite light in spirit too and I wanted to bring out the darker elements for the trailer.
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Sound Design and Composition for Alma Animation

Module: Programming and Sound Design for Animation. For an assignment in this module we were given the video without sound and had to put sound our own sound to it. *I do not own any video material. The rights to all visual material in this video belongs to its respective owners.* MA Audio Production: University of Westminster
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