Visuals and Music Created and Produced by Me for an Album I created as my Masters Project in London. My very talented classmate Imran played electric guitar on this.
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Sound Design & Video Trailer for Alice in Wonderland

(Video edited and created with Adobe Premiere Pro and Sound created with Logic Pro in 5.1 Surround Sound & Stereo) We had to create our own trailer from a movie. I choose Alice in Wonderland from 2010, we had to mix this in both stereo and surround, the stereo version is what I am putting online. I used a combination of sounds that I had created for my own sound library, sound libraries I have downloaded online and sounds I have downloaded from I watched the trailer many times and then I wrote down the various foley sounds that I knew I needed to put into the trailer. I tried different musical ideas for the trailer and found that more ambient and long extended sounds would suit best for the mood I wanted to create for the trailer. I wanted to create a short story portraying what the film was about but without giving too much away. I wanted it to seem dark and create a sense of wonder. The film itself has its dark elements but it is quite light in spirit too and I wanted to bring out the darker elements for the trailer.
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Westland Studios Video Production

Video made with Final Cut Pro of Alwyn Walker producing tracks of Amelia Adler with String Quartet at Westland Studios. Producer: Alwyn Walker Artist: Amelia Adler All Songs (Piano/Melody) Written by Amelia Adler All Additional Parts Written by: Alwyn Walker Transcription of String Parts to Score: Jennifer O’Malley Piano/Vocals: Amelia Adler Guitar/Backing Vocals: Alwyn Walker Bass: Neil Dorrington Drums: Kyle Walker Violin I: Kama Swoboda-Wietrzyk Voilin II: Lia Wright Viola: Lisa Dowdall Cello: Jennifer O’Malley Recorded in Westland Studios Dublin, October 2015 Film & Edited by: Bebhinn McDonnell
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