‘Motion’ (2014) C-Sound Composition


‘Motion’ is an exploration of movement that is in sound through sound. This composition is rooted in the electro-acoustic world, and its concept stems from the practices of musique concrète. The foundation of ‘Motion’ lies in recordings of simple concrete sounds that produce different movement and fluctuations. I wanted to capture the sound of these movements and then develop these into various textures through processing and layering. I recorded the sound of birds flying, the sound of playing a piano note, the resonance of notes played on guitar strings, the sound of a window blind moving up and down, and the sound of the wind. These sounds were consequently imported into CSound and processed through granular synthesis, reverb, echoes, delays, pitch altering, looping, resonators and filtering, all for the purposes of exploring the different sounds that the same movement would make in different musical situations. Once the processing effect was created, widgets were then used to alter the movement of each recording through time. In some places, slight use of CSound generators was also used to add an extra layer of timbre to the composition, and I concluded the composition by bringing all of the material recorded live through CSound into Logic where I layered them in various ways to create a musical composition. When structuring the composition I wanted to explore the sound qualities that each different processing effect would have on moving sounds. I did this with careful placement of stereo panning of long phrased sounds contrasting with short bursts of repeated sounds. The piece has a round texture, beginning with the same material that it ends with.