RadioInk FM: Radio Show Production

Assignment for Audio-Visual Production (MAUD701) MA Audio Production @ The University of Westminster. In teams of two, research a market segment and develop a station profile, record a radio programme that effectively matches this developed profile. Work to include all of the following items: Station ident, programme ident, interviews, music, jingles, advertising, and news bulletins. Programme to be assembled in a non-linear editor. A station identity / market share must be identified and rigorously applied to the content contained within the show. 
Producers: Bebhinn McDonnell & Geoffry Chen. 
Radio Station is called Radio Ink FM.
Presenters: Lilly Gordon & Michael Williams
Location Recording: Geoffry Chen & Bebhinn McDonnell - Equipment: Boom and Zoom H4N Mic.
Studio Recording & Production: Geoffry Chen & Bebhinn McDonnell - TLA Desk, Pro Tools HD10, Logic Pro X.
Script, Music Editing, Music Mixing, Music Composition & Advertisement: Bebhinn McDonnell.
Mastering and Original Idea of it being about Tattoos: Geoffry Chen