A Seven Nation Cello Concerto Army (Remix)


I sampled my favourite Cello Concerto: Elgar - Cello Concerto in E Minor and I sampled Seven Nation Army.
Seven Nation Army fitted the theme of the Concerto. A song written about military while Elgar wrote the cello concerto after the Great War. Elgar who was ‘appalled and disillusioned by the suffering caused by the war, he realized that life in Europe would never be the same after such destruction. His first reaction had been to withdraw from composition, and he wrote very little music during the war's first four years. Then, over a period of twelve months - from August of 1918 to the following August - Elgar poured his feelings into four works that rank among the finest he ever composed [the cello concerto being the fourth work). These two works fitted aesthetically for the remix as Seven Nation Army is a positive outlook on war with lyrics saying ‘a seven nation army won’t hold me back’ while the concerto’s vibe is meant to clash with this as a more hopeless and unhappy outlook on the war. I wanted to remix this in a style where I was exploring sound and exploring between sound and melodies. Creating a dark ambient style with elements of electro-acoustic and avant-garde structures and writing, blending the melodic styles of electronic rock with some soundscapes similar to music by composers such as Pierre Schaeffer & Boulez.