Westland Studios Video Production


Video made with Final Cut Pro of Alwyn Walker producing tracks of Amelia Adler with String Quartet at Westland Studios.

Producer: Alwyn Walker

Artist: Amelia Adler

All Songs (Piano/Melody) Written by Amelia Adler

All Additional Parts Written by: Alwyn Walker

Transcription of String Parts to Score: Jennifer O’Malley

Piano/Vocals: Amelia Adler

Guitar/Backing Vocals: Alwyn Walker

Bass: Neil Dorrington

Drums: Kyle Walker

Violin I: Kama Swoboda-Wietrzyk

Voilin II: Lia Wright

Viola: Lisa Dowdall

Cello: Jennifer O’Malley

Recorded in Westland Studios Dublin, October 2015

Film & Edited by: Bebhinn McDonnell